2016 Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference


October 10-13, 2016

Westin Riverfront Resort

Avon, CO


2016 Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference Presentations

Tuesday, October 11, 2016: Plenary Sessions & Keynote Address


Plenary Session 1: The Science and Practice of River Restoration

Conference Opening: Nicole Seltzer, Colorado Foundation for Water Education

Plenary Introduction: Julie Ash, Colorado Riparian Association


Dr. Ellen Wohl, Colorado State University


Plenary Session 2: Turning Plan Into Action - Implementation of Colorado's Water Plan

Plenary Introduction: Mara MacKillop


John Stulp, Governor's Water Policy Advisor

Don Coram, State Representative

Julio Iturreria, Arapahoe County

Peter Nichols, Berg Hill Greenleaf Ruscitti

Ted  Kowalski, Walton Family Foundation


Keynote Address: The National Park Service's 100th Anniversary Celebration

Keynote Introduction: Casey Davenhill


James P. Doyle, Chief of Communications and Legislation, Intermountain Region, National Park Service

Nicole  Jackson, Advocate for Protecting Public Lands, Next 100 Coalition

Wednesday October 12, 2016: Concurrent Sessions


Session 1

Nexus of Water Storage and Watershed Health, Moderator: Bill McKee

  • "Meeting Water Quality Standards in a Front Range Reservoir Using an Innovative Watershed-Based Approach that Benefits Multiple Partners" Laurie Rink, Barr-Milton Watershed

  • "Wildfire Watershed Risk Assessments: Challenges, opportunities, and the latest science to inform source water protection management strategies " Brett Wolk, Colorado Forest Restoration Institute, Aaron Kimple, Mountain Studies Institute

  • "One River, Many Plans” Kelly Romero-Heaney, Water Resources Manager for the City of Steamboat Springs, Zach Smith, Staff Attorney for the Colorado Water Trust

Community Conversations Across Agencies and Interest Groups, Moderator: Nicole Seltzer

Lessons Learned from Flood Recovery, ModeratorS: Julie Ash & Jeff Sickles

Session 3

Organizational Development Strategies, Moderator: Casey Davenhill

  • "Conserving Land and Water: How GOCO, CWT and Watershed Groups Can Collaborate for Success" Amanda Hill , GOCO , Zach Smith, Colorado Water Trust

  • “Behind the scenes accounting strategies that lead to winning applications, manageable grant reporting and successful project implementation “ Kevin Sear, Paragon Audit & Consulting

  • “Let’s WRAP! One Water Solutions Institute at CSU has created WRAP—Watershed Rapid Assessment Program” Tyler Wible, Colorado State University

Success Stories to Know About!, Moderator: Josh Eldridge

  • "Upper Arkansas River Restoration Project " Greg Brunjack, Upper Arkansas River - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Linking Water Supply With Land Use Planning, Moderator: Jayla Poppleton

Session 4

Lessons Learned from Flood Recovery, Moderator: Katie Jagt

  • "Lessons Learned: Watershed Coalitions Share the Successes and Challenges of the Watershed Resilience Pilot Program" Erin Cooper, Little Thompson Watershed Coalition, Cecily Mui, Saint Vrain Creek Coalition

  • "The Art of Partnering: Case studies from the Big Thompson and Estes Valley Watershed Coalitions " Shayna Jones, Big Thompson Watershed Coalition, Molly Mills, Estes Valley Watershed Coalition

  • "Restoring Resiliency to St. Vrain Creek Following the Flood of 2013" Douglas Laiho, Boulder County

Advancing Technical Tools and Innovations for Restoration, Moderator: Chris Sturm

Legacy of Mining Panel Discussion, Moderator: David Holm

  • Jean Wyatt, EPA; Robyn Blackburn, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Skip Feeney, Mine Impacted Waters Task Force; Dr. Andrew Todd, U.S. Geological Survey; Jason B. Willis, Trout Unlimited; Carol Ekarius, Coalition for the Upper South Platte; Trez Skillern, US Forest Service; Jeff Graves, Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety; Peter Butler, Animas River Stakeholders; Curtis Hartenstine, Southern Ute Indian Tribe



Conference Hosts