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    Drinking Water Mapping Application to Protect Source Waters - show water quality and permittee information on a simple to use map.

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    Nonpoint Source   A variety of tools to address water pollution on a watershed basis

    Resources on Wildfire Impacts


    Water Research Foundation

    Expert Symposiums:  Wildfire Symposium 2013

    Effects of: Wildfire on Drinking Water Utilities and Best Practices for Wildfire Risk Reduction and Mitigation

    Wildfire Impacts on Water Supplies and Potential for Mitigation:


    University of Arizona

    Managing for Future Risks of Fire, Post-fire Flooding and Extreme Precipitation: workshop report

    Oropeza, J.; & Heath, J., 2013. Five Year Summary Report (2008–2012) Upper Cache la Poudre River Collaborative Water Quality Monitoring Program. City of Fort Collins Utilities, City of Greeley, Tri-Districts.

    Arkansas Basin Roundtable Implementation Plan

    Source Water Protection for Watershed Coalitions Workshop Presentations

    The Source Water Protection Workshop was held on Thursday, March 23, 2017 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. We explored opportunities for Watershed Coalitions and partners to prevent contamination of sources of drinking water supply within their watersheds together and within their respective missions. Peers and partners learned about common activities that may contaminate drinking water sources, source water protection planning to address them, and how to develop an action plan to fit their own watershed.

      Source Water Protection Overview (Kristin Hughes, CDPHE and CRWA)

      Watershed Restoration (James Creek Watershed Initiative – Colleen Williams)

      Source Water Protection Planning (Colleen Williams)

      Source Water Collaborative and EPA on-line tools for coalition-building, planning, and finding resources (Marcella Hutchinson, USEPA R8)

      State Watershed Resources (Casey Davenhill, USEPA R8)

      Abandoned Mines (Erica Crosby, CDNR, Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety)

      Septic Systems (Erin Dodge, Boulder County Public Health)

      Wildfire and Watersheds – Deborah Martin, U.S. Geological Survey